The Word Made End


Clouds Of Guilt Gathering 
Into A Sky Of Bitterness 
Rain Of Tears Comes From Walls 
I Once Cursed 
Children Of The One Entranced, 
Celebrating So Blind 
For The Desolate Feels None 
Of His Lost Glory Bat Awe 
Behold! The Serpent's Fear, 
Forgotten Emotion 
Since The First Fall Of Tear 
Wisdom's Failure Knowledge 
As The Tree Of Life Decomposes Here 
The Seventh And The Liar, 
Underneath The Innocence Disguise 
Fools! You Who Laid Your Faith 
In Prophecies Of Deliverance 
The World Made End - Never To Be Spoken 
The World Made End - Cease Of Immortality 
The World Made End - A Name Revealed 
The World Made End - Empyria Drowns 
No Furious Beast Shall Reign 
Before The Days Of Wrath 
Wait For No Lightbringer 
As Stars Fade Away
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