Under the Name of Legion


I saw the full face of the menstrual hecate 
Four and forty virgins make the form of the gate 
It is the key inside me, it is the glyph of the vision 
To have a god within, under the name of legion 
Love of night manifests infinitely eternally 
Love of darkness signifies the enlightened life eternally 
Into the divine water, deviation fulfilled 
Wisdom is clear, all logic is killed 
By the ancient way I project my soul 
The task was given it is the death of all 
My son has offered blood, his mother her tears 
Full of joy they mingle, to feed the fear 
Behold the moon is crowned, I raise thy sign 
For the lord destruction is always blind 
By bliss of pain I move the spirit 
Into oblivion calls I will never hear it 
An ancient voice calling from the mouth of hell 
Beyond this passage there lies hole for my sell 
I found him waiting in the name of dirt 
Illusion's face my weakness is his strength 
1000 daughters bind the runners of pain 
Oh be merciful magic with the corpse of my brain 
His tongue is nailed with the spikes of Christ 
Divides the unity calls death for a life 
Laughs at the ground that keeps the realm gold 
Another still life for me to love for me to grow 
Another life for me to love for me to grow in sadness 
It is the key inside me to have a good within in the name of madness
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