Sleep the Sleep of Angels


In The Darkness
Of The Years That Went By
I See Through Loneliness
Only Fear Pain And Lies
Fear Can Take My Soul
Just Like The Odor Of Death
Changes Me As A Whole
Makes Me Hold My Breath
Sleep The Sleep
Of The Angels
Let My Eyes Sweep
This Beauty That Excels
Delicate Silk All Memories
Cuts Through My Brain
Can't See The Mysteries
That Made Me So Plain
They Can't Be Seen
They Can't Be Heard
Just Like A Sin
Always There To Hurt
Another Day Has Passed
Another Night Is Here
Eternal End And Start
I Sense Guilt Coming Near
Uneven Fight
Me Against My Wills
Under Moonlight
Remains Only My Sense
You Can Break The Spell
Tranquil My Mind
I Had Been So Blind
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