Saturn Unlock Avey's Son


Mystic passage in saveland 
I saw all glory in black gold 
The earthly dwelling a crypt of cold 
I experience my-self into known maths 
Escay of dawn 
I'm alone 
Transformed into stone 
Saturn unlock avey's son 
Volcanic explosion 
Tartarus son 
An unnature embryo 
A horrific born 
A gold bell, a black ring 
The kiss of Musthmur 
Bless him 
Oh faithfull servant, oh faithfull beast 
Flatter my will, follow my path 
Revive my wrath 
Romanian moon, the count rides moonlight 
Call me to serve him, release him from grave 
Onward to the mountains, the wild castle wear its black 
With respect I obey the blood land 
I kiss the ground my lips on red
© Русскоязычный фан-сайт группы Rotting Christ.
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