Phobos' Synagogue


Hey, little kid, come here, believe in us and be like us!
Taste the sapor of the forbidden seed.
Drown the awe breath, far in your azure deeps.
Fear ain't your foe, but your ally to meet your dream.
Show me your bound to show you the heart,
To outdo your awe and brave become.
Drown your awe down in your azure deeps.
Fear isn't your foe, but your ally to win.
Whisper the reason that doubt yourself
To trace the path of braveness and strength.
Bury the awe in your nightmare's shelf!
Nothing to fear but fear itself.
(repeat last 4 lines of verse 1)
Phobos has just be born and sent to mortal's world
To kill human's immortality hope.
Phobos has just be born, the hidden awe of god,
The awe for freedom and his throne loss.
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