Morality of a Dark Age


Fade to cold, beyond false arch 
Colourfull pictures taken of a dead mind 
Lifeless boatman in the shore of lake 
The tide will bring you 
The fullmoon removed now 
A mute riot with a horrific smell 
Extencive perpetuation 
Succeed the simple thought 
Manifest of a new reality 
Morallity of a dark age 
Special voice 
Rise above 
Ashes & Bones 
The law decide 
Transmit my word 
Divided society, man against man 
Dogmatic philosophy, instincts of age 
Vibration skinning the map 
Like a satelite I watch all your moves 
Quarter fo a year 
Is enough 
The triangle cover all angles 
Just touch the ground & See your hands 
Two thousand years after christ 
- Dark Age -
© Русскоязычный фан-сайт группы Rotting Christ.
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