Helios Hyperion


I am the titan, ruler of the earth,
Lord of upper and under cosmos. I govern the weakness in every cry of the human.
I am the Cronus, offspring of Earth and chaos.
I teach you the art of war, far in you sleepy subconsious.
And hype up the will of vengeance,
And draw down to earth by spells and wickedness.
The joyful colour is for me,
What does paint your soul with wickness.
And break up your sacredness,
And bless the impure with joy and rawness.
Supreme victim is for me,
What is haunt with tear and prayer.
I am the Cronus, offspring of earth and chaos.
I teach you the art of war, far in your sleepy subconsious.
I weep your weakness fluid, that you are calling tear,
And face the Angel that dread to dare.
And crush the tyrants iron head,
And become a tyrant in his stead.
Supreme power is for me,
What it flows from anger.
And look down on and snigger,
The apathy of mind and bring them.
The art of blowing up the teen,
And be the fortune's stringer.
(repeat chorus)
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