Cold Colours


The Cold Twilight 
Was Giving Way 
To That Frozen Night 
When He Started To Say 
Through You Eyes 
I Can See 
None Of Your Lies 
Convince Me 
The Dancing Shadows 
I Wait To Appear 
The Omen That Shows 
You Are Here 
Away From You Untrackable 
And Yet Near You Untouchable 
A Sudden Fear Came Into Me 
The Night Is Here It Circles Me 
A Sudden Fear 
Came Into Me 
The Night Is Here 
It Circles Me 
The Silver Of The Moon 
So Intoxicating 
I'll See Them Soon 
It's Almost Scaring 
Undoing Hatred 
Reflected The Gold Colours 
Golden Fire And Red 
The Black Of Death Follows 
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